Signs You’re Probably Happy In Your Relationship

October 2, 2017

Relationships are complex. They have their ups and downs. So how do you know if you’re happy in your relationship? Find out here. 

  1. Most things that should or would usually annoy you that your partner does, doesn’t. 
  2. You are yourself entirely, no filter, no second thoughts about what to say or do.

    No pretending whatsoever. 
  3. You smile and giggle to yourself thinking about your relationship often.
  4. You talk about your relationship and your significant other non stop, and every chance you get because you’re proud of them and happy to be with them.
  5. Family and friends tell you how happy you seem, and perhaps how better you look. They notice a positive change in you, probably even tell you that you have a glow. 
  6. You easily let go of negative shit. You don’t bring up things from the past or even feel the need to. 
  7. You trust this person. You don’t second guess, snoop or go inspector gadget
  8. You have sex as often as you both wish. Your don’t beg for it or feel like you have too. If your partner is tired you get it, simply because you guys are on the same wave length. (And with the #doitforthedchallenge you probably actually do all of that because you’re so happy)
  9. Still on the sex topic; the sex is better because you connect on this level that is beyond physical. It’s this deep emotional level that is cannot be explained. 
  10. You fight and argue productively. You argue to get to an agreement and work through thing not just because. The fights actually end, probably in sex and two happy people. 

Now I’ll just leave a random relationship quote for you.

Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom. – Rabindranath Tagore

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