12 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

March 26, 2018

Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one. – Robert E. Lee

12 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself:

  1. Stop lying to yourself. “The worst thing a man can do is lie to himself and believe it.” – I heard this on a Twins of Twin Stir It Up Album. Not sure if it’s their quote or they quoted someone. But yes the worst thing you can do it lie to yourself. 
  2. Stop waste yuh time with the wrong people. (I just had to type that in my native tongue. But stop spending time with the wrong people. The suck way more than just the happiness out of you and over a period of time they suck your self esteem, and pretty much the you out of you. 
  3. Stop overthinking everything. My grandma told me to think before I do and say but she also told me “Think long, thing wrong”
  4. Stop saying yes to shit you hate. I have posted this so many times on Instagram and other posts. so yup this had to be on the list.
  5. Stop trying to make things perfect. The real world doesn’t care if you are a perfectionist. we really don’t give a shit. We just want you to get things done. 
  6. Stop pretending shit is okay. It is okay not to be okay, it is okay to scream fall, apart or whatever. I’m available for Margaritas and whiskey by the way. The sooner you fall, the sooner you get back up. 
  7. Stop worrying. This does nothing, but give you anxiety and panic attacks. (Statement not based on science) 
  8. Stop trying to please people. This shit is impossible. and if you do a lot or even a little for someone, I don’t care who it is and they are unappreciative and still not happy then f#%k them.
  9. Stop Lowering your standards to accommodate people. Simple and you don’t owe them an explanation. 
  10. Stop being so green. By this i mean stop being jealous of others. Count your own blessings, you have something everyone else wants whether you see it or not. 
  11. Stop competing with others. Especially in the social media universe where everyone fakes their life. Focus on you.
  12. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop looking for pity, life doesn’t throw lemons, if it did we’d all be drinking Whiskey Sours, it throws bricks, and you won’t dodge most of them, or any at all. Just get back up and shift your path in a direction meant for you. 


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