5 Myths About PCOS

May 27, 2019

This post was prompted because someone asked me how do you get PCOS? I didn’t know how to answer this because with all my research this question hasn’t been answered. This was asked by a friend who recently got diagnosed but didn’t ask their doctor too many questions because she reserved them for me. She also felt weird about asking her doctor for whatever reason.

  1. You need to take birth control to regulate periods. Though birth control is common it is not the only way to regulate your period and it also doesn’t work for everyone with PCOS. Sometimes losing weight will do the trick or for me at one point in my life, I needed to workout less, increase my iron intake and stay away from workout supplements and shakes that boost testosterone.
  2. Losing Weight Gets rid of PCOS. Though some symptoms may go away because of weight loss you’ll still have PCOS. There’s no cure
  3. PCOS is rare. It is not rare it is very common and undiagnosed in a lot of women mainly due to the lack of research and education on this subject. It takes sometimes 2-3 doctors to realize it’s PCOS and diagnose you. Took my Primary care doctor, and two Obstetricians and Gynecologists to diagnose me.
  4. You can’t get pregnant. It might be difficult but it is not impossible, some people make lifestyle changes and are able to have kids while some people may need additional help.
  5. You have to take diabetes medications. Okay if you don’t have diabetes you don’t have to take diabetes medications. Everyone with PCOS doesn’t have diabetes. I have made sure I check for diabetes once a year during my physical and I don’t have even though I am overweight and have PCOS.

Those are 5 myths about PCOS. Do you know any other myths about PCOS? Comment below and let me know.

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