5 Reasons to Work out with your Partner

February 8, 2020

I have probably been back and forth about working out with your partner some years ago. I worked out with my ex a few times in the past and I hated it. However, I worked out with Michael and it was absolutely fun. We don’t work out together as often as I would like since our work schedules and sleep schedules are entirely different. However we do plan our meals, and constantly motivate each other along our fitness journeys. 

But here are 5 Reasons to Work out with your Partner

  1. Increase your emotional bond. When doing partner based exercises there’s a level of trust needed, there’s also the pushing each other and helping each other get through each workout. 
  2. Maintain attraction. No matter how you may feel about your body, the right partner will enjoy just watching you push yourself past your limits and find it incredibly sexy. On the other hand I  like watching my boyfriend sweat. 
  3. Working out together is foreplay. With my previous reason I doubt I need to explain this more. There’s something about rapid heartbeats and and sweat that increases sexual arousal. (My opinion)
  4. It Switches things up. So this means two things. When you work out alone you do the same thing and when you work out with someone else you change your routine and try new things. Also this gives you the chance to switch up date night.
  5. You spend more time together. Working out together just adds one more thing you can do with your partner and have quality time together. 

Let me know any other reason you would work out with your partner or why you wouldn’t. Have you worked out with a partner before?


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