8 Great Budget Friendly Ideas for Two

September 30, 2016
In a relationship and on a budget? Maybe like me, you and your significant other are saving up for a new apartment or other stuff. Do not suffer from boredom.

Of course staying home will save you some money – and I am sure in your relationship “Netflix and Chill” means just that and not it’s other underlying meaning. You’re in a relationship so the games are unnecessary. 

What to do when you stay in?  I will share that with you & also things you can do outdoors!

  1. Gym and Smoothie Date. If one of you have a membership to a gym chances are that gym allows an additional guest. If so work out together. (personally I hate working out with my boyfriend but we go to the gym together and do our own thing – the walk to and from the gym is what I look forward to the most and that works for us.) A great smoothie after the gym packed with protein is ideal – depending on where you live maybe you can find a place where smoothies for two would cost $10-$15 with protein. Tip: take a scoop of your own protein and cut some costs OR why not head home and make your own smoothie. If you are interested in smoothie ideas; let me know.

  2. Meal Prep Cook Off. If you both cook a lot – I believe there have been arguments of who cooks better. Well en that argument and have a cook off… You might think you need a judge but you don’t – this is where honesty is tested. Both of you are the judges. Yes having a cook off simply means you’ll be cooking a lot of food and we’re on a budget. So after the cook off simply package all the food in containers and Voila! Meal Prep Complete!
  3. Picnic – make some sandwiches and bottle up some juice or fruit infused water, grab a blanket and go. Go where?  Weather permitting hit the beach, a park, a pier, water front or even your backyard or rooftop. 

  4. Bar Hopping: Search for bars and pubs that have reasonable happy hour and late night happy hour deals. As bonus activity – find a bar that also offers free Karaoke. 
  5. Brunch: Brunch can be pricey but the trick is to find a brunch spot that offers a flat fee for an entree and unlimited drinks (Usually for 2 hours). 
  6. Clubbing – This can be pricey but it is all about searching for a deal. Find events with free admission (Of course drink before you leave home and limit yourself to two drinks) OR find a club with an open bar and low cover charge. 
  7. Go hiking – You can mix this in with a picnic. Find a nice trail – take a hike and have a rewarding picnic at the end.
  8. Volunteer – Why not volunteer at a charity event? You can mix the meal prep cook off with this idea and make some baked goods for an event. 
There you go 8 Budget Friendly Ideas  – Feel Free to comment and share your ideas and if you want more budget friendly ideas for two comment and let me know. 


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