A Drive to Algoma

April 28, 2022

I’m back! I plan to write a lot more. I’ve mostly adjusted to Wisconsin. I wouldn’t say I’ve settled into my new way of living, which now includes; working from home, running my hobby business, and this laid-back lifestyle of Wisconsin. Manhattan, NY is a huge difference from Green Bay, Wisconsin. For starters there are no subways or complex transit systems, I still need to get a driver’s license and dinner after 8 pm is not a thing here. But I will dive into this microblog.

So we (Michael and me) have been going on random Sunday drives around Wisconsin! Not too far because gas prices are not awesome. We’re discovering this new state we decided to call home. Maybe this will be a mini blog series.

We decided to drive to Algoma, Wisconsin.

It is a cute little town. Everyone was close-knit and friendly. Wisconsin is a really friendly place overall I must say.
We visited Dodge Antiques, The boardwalk, and Renard’s cheese. There seems to be a lot to do here during the summer and days that aren’t Sunday. Here are a few shots of photos I grabbed from our drive there.

So that was Algoma, Wisconsin. We plan to visit again.

Next up for this series is a mini road trip we took to the beautiful Cave Point County Park on our Sunday Drive.

Posts about our drives and mini road trips will be posted every two weeks on Thursdays. Next post on May 12th, 2022


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