A Trip to Downtown Cincinnati, OH

March 19, 2019

Recap on A Trip Too. A Trip to is me telling you about my first visit to anywhere really, it could be a restaurant, bar, gym, hotel, city, town, fair, event, etc. Sharing all details and information I have with you!\, and hopefully if you’ve been to this place you’ll tell me things I can do or try the next time!

So going to Cincinnati was apart of my December Road Trip. I didn’t know I was going it was a great surprise from my boyfriend! Because I thought I was heading back to NYC.

The first part of the surprise was I was going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and they were in Cincinnati. *Jaw dropping excitement* by the way this happened the day before the Rabbit Hash, Kentucky trip and the Boone County Distillery visit. Series definitely not in order.

First Stop in Downtown Cincinnati, OH

It was the U.S Bank Arena for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert. The Concert started at around 8 PM! and ended at around 11 pm.

After Concert Adventure

It was late and it was raining, and my bf dropped the next surprise! We’re going to Kentucky for the night! I had never been to Kentucky btw… Pretty much I’ve stayed to the eastern areas of America. We didn’t do much it was also late, raining and I am not much of a night owl and I wanted to go to sleep. So we decided to do some quick exploring in the area. We started by looking at the scenery outside the stadium then walked around nearby to the Fountain Square. My nostalgic boyfriend, figured since it is A Trip to Downtown Cincinnati, OH he wanted to see The Cincinnati Enquirer Building from the show WKRP in Cincinnati. So we definitely did that and watched clips from the show in the car. Hilarious show!

The Skystar Wheel

After our Kentucky Adventures, we returned to Cincinnati, Ohio because we wanted to ride the wheel and possibly see a few more places if the time permitted. Here are the photos of course!

That is all from A Trip to Downtown Cincinnati, OH. Have you been? Definitely tell me things to do or places to go on my next visit!


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