A Trip to JJ’s Hot Dogs

May 7, 2019

So by now, you may have realized that though I live in Manhattan, I travel to NJ often, mostly for dining, Costco, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby trips. While on a shopping trip I was in the mood for hot dogs to my boyfriend’s surprise so we, of course, did a Google search for hot dog places and we came across JJ’s and it’s 4.6 stars.

About JJ’s Hot Dogs

They have been around since the 1970s, They appear to be family run since when I arrived it was a gentleman and his sun providing service. You can always check out their website for more background information.

The Decor

The interior decor isn’t much, they previously only had a food truck in Newark, and now this is their first storefront. There’s just a place to stand and eat, with a TV also.

The Food

Now this is the best part about JJ’s as it should be is the hotdogs, they offer specialty hot dogs and a variety of toppings so you can create your own special hot dog! I had bacon and cheese and bacon, cheese and potato hot dogs. Michael had Chili and cheese, cole slaw and baked beans and some other creation he concocted which I cannot remember. And also the hot dogs are boiled and not done on a flat top, roller or grill.

Final Thoughts: This post is being edited for publishing on 4/11/19 and I am pretty sure I’ll convince my bf to drive over to JJ’s Hot Dogs next week on my lazy days. This post is giving me cravings. Also, I love hot dogs, and I don’t like mustard, ketchup nor sauerkraut (If you remember my unpopular opinions posts)so I’d mostly just have hot dogs with cheese. but with all the toppings that aren’t any of those makes a hot dog so much better.


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