A Trip to the Blackbird Distillery (Blogmas 2018 Day 12)

December 12, 2018

I was going to just delete this blog post after learning about the owners of this place in recent events. However, I realized this is my platform and I will leave it on my blog so you can also know I DO NOT recommend this place. I deleted my review from their Facebook Page though.

The son of the owners posted a series of posts in light of everything going on recently (May-June 2020). Expressed how racist and prejudiced he realized his parents are. I am happy he spoke out. I never saw the racist statement his parents made but Michael and I WILL NOT return here! If I have to question if the owners are racist or not I should just not go.

The posts are mostly gone from their page, it is a feud of their son trying to support the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and his parents (the owners) removing them but I was able to grab a few screenshots.

Hey guys. I visited the Blackbird Distillery in Brookville Pennsylvania! It was pretty amazing!

If you’re interested in trying moonshine or have a love of moonshine, and you’re near this area you should definitely check it out. It’s a 3+ trip from where I live. Lol. However this wasn’t our destination, we saw the billboard on the Interstate 80 en route to Green Bay Wisconsin.

They offer free tastings, cocktails and of course you can purchase bottles of alcohol. They also have many other things you can purchase like shirts, sauces, non-alcoholic drinks mixes and much more.

The decor is humorous, and fun like the staff that works there.

Of course, enjoy the photos from a Trip to the Blackbird Distillery


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