Hello!  Welcome to my blog! My name is Kariette. 

I started this blog in 2011, on Tumblr, It was called Automatic Purple Weapons, then I later moved to Blogspot and shortened the name to just Purple Weapons. I never had a niche but I had various topics I wanted to write about and vlog about on YouTube. 
My topics included a lot but I started blogging about: Initially included, my natural hair journey, being an international student and talking about football. 

I attempted to pick a niche for my blog over the years but being as free and uninhibited as I am it would never happen. Some people say my blog is multi niche some say it’s niche-less. Depends on how you look at it. 

Today my blog’s name has been changed to Just Kari On. I focus on my hobbies and interests. I enjoy food, coming up with food and drink recipes. I am on a PCOS weight loss journey, sharing my thoughts, and advice. I am in aspiring dating and lifestyle coach. I am a Self Love and Self Acceptance Advocate. I share tricks and tips for dogs, home decorating, crafts, sewing, hair and fashion


January 19, 2018