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February 1, 2017



I decided to share with you a few of my favorite apps I have used for either tracking my money, saving or investing. Surprisingly people around me have never heard off these apps. 

I have not been paid for my opinion on these apps, But they are amazing so why not share them?  These are listed in no particular order: 

Mint – Mint is by Intuit, one of their more familiar products is QuickBooks. I have tried this and it is something I still use. If you have several different accounts, at different banks and financial institutions this is something to consider. You can add every account type and track it all in one place. These accounts include, but are not limited to investments, savings, checking, and credit card accounts. Mint shows a compounded report, so you know exactly how much money you have across all of your accounts. It also has other great features such as tracking your spending trends by categorizing transactions as, Food and Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, etc. – Those broad categories are then broken up based on restaurant type, whether it’s fast food, coffee shop, etc.
This feature allows you to see exactly where your money goes. You can even set budgets by categories. For example, if you’re trying to limit how much fast food you consume, set a budget on Fast Food and get alerted when you’re buying more fast food then you’d like to. You are also able to check your credit score for free with this app. There are many more features with this app so go ahead and Check out Mint

Stash – Stash is an  investment app. You can start with investing as little as $5. It is great for a person who wants to start investing and learn about it without having to invest a lot. You’re in control. You choose how you want to invest, and what you want to invest in. Give Stash a Try.

Acorns – Acorns is another great way to start investing. It uses the spare change from your account, you decide what kind of investor you’d like to be. Start by picking what you’d like to invest in and let Acorns do the rest for you. You can even make one time investments to boost your account, set up a reoccurring plan to invest money daily, weekly or monthly and much more. Try Acorns

Digit – I first installed this app, set up and forgot it for about 3 weeks. When I logged into my Digit account my reaction was “Wow! I really saved $600!” This is a really great savings app. It analyzes your account and spending patterns, then takes small amounts of money at a time and saves it for you. You won’t even notice that it is missing, they never take too much. You can set additional saving goals also. When you withdraw money it is received the next business day. Digit also tells you how much money is in your checking account each morning, and how much money you’ve saved.Check out Digit.


Are there any apps you use? Please comment below


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