Bold, Funny, Dumb, Pick Up Lines – Part 6

January 19, 2018

We’ve come to the end of Bold, Funny, Dumb, Pick Up Lines. I hope you enjoyed reading them, laughing and wondering WTF.

Here are few more:

  1. I party like a rock-star, i look like a movie star, i play like an all-star i fuck like a porn-star, ride with me if you want to be with a superstar
  2. My lips are registered weapons.
  3. I have big feet.
  4. You’re so fine, I’d suck your daddy’s dick just to get some of where that came from.
  5. There aren’t enough “O”‘s in the word “smooth” to describe how smooth you are.
  6. Do you have any Irish in you? Do you want some?
  7. Are you a computer technician? Because you turn my software into hardware.

  8. I’m not telling you this because I want to impress you.. but I am Batman.
  9. People say that masturbating will make you go blind, if that were true, not only would I be blind, but my seeing eye-dog would have vision problems.
  10. I may not be a weather man, but I see more than a few inches for you tonight
  11. I’m good at math, U+I=69
  12. Hey, you’ve got a lawyer’s ass. Yup, its firm.
  13. Hey, I’m writing a telephone book…. May I have your number please?
  14. You know the more I drink, the prettier you get!
  15. The only thing your eyes haven’t told me is your name.
  16. You’re so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear.
  17. Just remember: To you, I am a virgin.
  18. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?
  19. I wish I was a bug, then I’d have more eyes to see you with.
  20. Roses are red, some trees are green, I’m hoping…you’re over 17!
  21. Show me your pussy and you will get some popcorn!
  22. Are you accepting applications for your fan club?
  23. If I told you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?
  24. Honey if your eyes sparkled any brighter the sun would be out of a job.
  25. I lost my virginity. Can I have yours?

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please feel free to share your pick up line stories!



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  • silverliningsblog ?? I still laughed though ?
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