Dating Trends that Need to Stop

November 17, 2017

There are always these new dating trends that need to stop.

Some are defense mechanisms, some are just out right selfish and so on. Here is the list:


  1. Avoiding labels. Being so fixated on not labeling your relationship that you don’t really know what you have or what you even should be doing in this relationship. Everything is unclear and just ambiguous as f**k.  Also using this practice of not coming up with a label to avoid commitment is a waste of time.
  2. Taking screenshots of communications; and sharing it with friends and even social media. This person is trying to be with you, and has overcome their fears to let you know; yes they might be failing at it so don’t be a dick and share it with everyone. Also no one might want to date you if you are known to do it.
  3. Making an effort to show you care less than the other person. People do this to either proceed with caution and protect themselves, but it doesn’t benefit you in anyway.
  4. Being Subliminal on Social Media. Instead of having conversations about issues we just tweet, post status and pictures with quotes, and indirect phrases. We have so many means of communications yet we don’t communicate directly. Then we also have our “friends” chiming in a conversation that should be private and with the person we are with.
  5. Mainly communicating via text and having serious conversations via text. Texting is impersonal, and a part communication is nonverbal, body language and tone. Stop trying to replace those with emojis.
  6. Trying to keep a relationship secret. Who are you hiding from? What is going to happen if people know? I am not referring to updating your Facebook Relationship Status or posting a bunch of pictures together but simply just going out together or going out with friends as a couple.
  7. Using impassable tests and experiments. Coming up with mind games and tests and not saying how you really feel. If you mind or you care that the other person does or says something; say so. Don’t expect the other person to know how you feel and use them doing this action or not as a test as a test. 


Are there any dating trends you think should continue or stop that isn’t listed? Feel free to comment below. 


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