Dear Past Me…

October 9, 2013
Dear Past Me;

You’ve been very smart and I like that about you, but you were also really stupid with some of the things you’ve done. I forgive you though because they never over powered nor outweighed the wonderful decisions you’ve made.

You ignored everyone; and made your mind up to go to college. You received very little support and a lot of doubts. But you ignored all that negativity and proceeded to go after your dreams. My dear you did well. You didn’t just graduate; you received honors and made your name known. Got first place trophy doing what you love with your name on it.

You did so well you had no problem finding a job. You probably didn’t pick the best one but how would you have ever known, at least you got one! You even found your own apartment and branched out on your own. You got major help from your parents but who doesn’t?

What I admire about you most is your need for helping others. Your internship at a non profit for domestic violence victims, your non profit work with your friend. Not a lot of people do so much for nothing. You took your LSAT’s too! That’s when I knew you were serious about your dreams! Keep Going.
Last but not least you settled down and got married. I am extremely happy for you.

I’ll speak to the Future you soon!

Yours truly

May come off as bragging but sometimes you need to look back at your past and commend yourself in a way no one else would be able to.


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