Don’t Be a Practice Girl

June 9, 2017

So there’s a saying or really the advice given to boys and men. Find the most insecure girls and practice on them everything you need to know about dating and relationships so that you’re a pro when you find a girl you really like.

Don’t be that practice girl. Be more secure with yourself. 

  1. Stop thinking negatively. It’s really easy to just think negatively, it’s inevitable. We even say negative things out loud about ourselves like “I’m so ugly”, “My body isn’t sexy” just to get validation or reassurance. Well stop! Say positive things about yourself always. This will allow you to be more confident.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. This will damage your self esteem. no matter what kind of comparison it is whether physical, career, intellectual, etc. You should recognize the beauty within, accept that you’re a unique and beautiful person.
  3. Celebrate you. Recognize and celebrate your strengths . Take some time each day or when needed to think and be more aware of yourself.  Identify everything great about you, write a list if you need to and celebrate those things about you.
  4. Give yourself some TLC. Up your hygiene, eat health, exercise, buy new clothes that make you feel better about yourself, and get enough sleep.
  5. Manage your finances better. You may feel insecure because you’re finances are not in order. Try cutting back on expenses, creating a budget and sticking to it, and make more frugal purchases. 


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