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First Seven Days after a Break-Up

May 4, 2018

So I’ve written about what to do to get over relationships and break-ups. I didn’t really announce my relationship was ending because certain people didn’t know, and it wasn’t necessarily needed. I didn’t announce when we started dating either.

So my bf didn’t do anything, so stop threatening to kill him (not that I don’t appreciate the love), neither did I, our lives are just going in two different directions.

Here’s some information that would have things make sense; my bf and I still live together for perhaps the next month. He’ll move out in June. I am keeping Charlie also, so no worries, you’ll still see him.

So I’ve written about getting over a break up I’m going to share exactly what happened in the first seven days after my break-up, honestly…

  1. I cried and was sad the first day, but like a boss though. We sat together for a while trying to determine the future of our relationship and I decided I didn’t need nor want what was being offered. I’d be a hypocrite to remain in my relationship, I mean it would be some serious self hate.
  2. The second day I told my closest friends (except my brother who I also consider a close friend) I also changed my hair not drastically just length I usually wear my extensions.
  3. I went to work, we were busy with a move as well as day to day activities. My best friend who I work with 1-2 days a week came in because of the move, so having her to vent to in the spurs of the moment, without fear of being judged was pretty amazing. We went out afterwards, had drinks and of course she tries to set me up with a guy, at the first place we went to. Me her and that guy went to another spot. I connected with the guy a bit but like c’mon at this point I’m still referring to my ex as my bf. I have the guys number and I’m never going to text him. But that night there was a live band at the Pub we visited and we made it our mission to get everyone up and dancing. Oh the joy and fun I had. When I got home my exes brother was there and stayed the night. I was levels of upset about that.
  4. I had sex with my ex since we still live together. Well that’s not why I just wanted to. This happened in the AM before work. I loved myself and didn’t care about him afterwards. I went to work and worked about 10hrs. Then went home. My feelings throughout the day was happy and hopeful. We never decorated our apartment the way we wanted because we could not really agree on style or a couch. So I was happy I didn’t have to compromise anymore. When I got home his friend was staying the night my level of rage with people at my house is freakishly dangerous at this point.
  5. I went to work, and stayed there late. I also hit up like every guy who’s interested in me. Not for anything specific, I just wanted the attention. At this point it was just the two guys assisting with the physical labor, my boss and myself in the office. So my boss now asks umm “Why are you still here?” So I told him my bf and I broke up and I am in no hurry to get home and I was also working on a client. The working on the client is something I can do from home. I got home, played with my dog, showered, watched Netflix, slept.
  6. My BFF works with me today. So we spent most of the day chatting and just hanging out and working. Then after we go out. Her amazing mom made up a cheese, fruit and veggie plate with bottomless wine. Then we went to a wine tasting then to a restaurant. My usually drunk and out of control BFF was soo behaved. I’m still in shock. I went home, and routine was puppy, shower, Netflix sleep.
  7. I woke up and had sex with my ex. Yup that happened again. FYI, I don’t hate him but I have no intention of getting back with him. I didn’t have some limiting no freedom, controlling relationship with him. But being single just gives a sense of something that I can’t explain that just makes me feel differently about life. I went to work and worked late. I had the apartment to myself when I got home and I just relaxed with Charlie.

I must say however. I work 3 days a week usually and clearly I worked a full 5 days. But I was needed at the office. So far I have allowed myself to just feel what I feel no matter how uncomfortable it is, I have friends who I can actually talk to and say whatever crazy thing came to mind. Not being bottled up and realizing that its okay not to be okay helps a lot. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten f**king my ex out my system too. I must say it’s going to suck having to take care 100% of the responsibilities you are used to sharing.

I also don’t listen to sad music after a break up so go check out my post breakup playlist.

But that was the First Seven Days after a break up.

Just Kari On Being Awesome, Fierce, Unstoppable, and you!



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  • findingsatoriblog I love how you were able to be as real as possible with your readers. I'm sorry to hear about the breakup and I hope you recover fully soon.
    May 21, 2018 at 10:09 AM Reply
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