For the Broken Hearts on Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

So you’re single for the first time in a long time and one of your favorite days of the year now has a sad memory attached to it. You’ve lost a person that person you loved. Regardless of circumstances of how it ended, you have memories attached to this day. Now you have to go through Valentine’s Day alone.

Here’s some tips to get through it and grow as an individual.

  1. Throw away your phone. Ok, not actually, but you’re going to be in your phone and you’ll be on social media. You’ll see other couples celebrating and you’ll be one of two things: crying your eyes out and be depressed or be extremely bitter about it. Detach from the socials. Watch some movies, go have some sort of social interaction, or learn to enjoy your own company. Do things that will distract you from being on your phone. Speaking of…
  2. Invest time in your hobbies. Whether it be reading, gaming, going to the gym, knitting, do something that you enjoy doing. Something that you had before you met that person and takes some level of brain activity todistract you for some time. Not just on V-Day but make that your go to thing when your not doing anything and your mind might want to wander to that person.
  3. Take time to reflect on yourself. Look back on your past relationships, notice your growth, strength, identify mistakes, faults (remember no one’s perfect) and acknowledge all the life lessons you’ve learned.
  4. Do Something Spontaneous or Out of Character for You. Take a trip. Have a one night stand. (Safely). Go to an event that had your interest in but you were too reserved to try. Add a layer of depth to your life, not only does it add a page to your life story, you may find a new social group to appreciate. Treat Yo self!


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