How to Keep a Guy’s Attention and Become his Girlfriend

June 28, 2017

Well I told you how to get his attention. It’s only fair I tell you how to keep it once you have it. 

  1. Keep communicating.
    via GIPHYMake sure you are either texting, communicating on social media or talking to him all the time. Remember “Out of sight, out of mind” But when you speak to him, don’t actually listen, just pretend, probably remember a sentence and repeat it. I know you worked hard for his attention but nothing that comes out his mouth is actually important to you.
  2. Be sure to see him often. Everyday should be the goal. And remember steps from this post when you see him. No make up and comfortable clothing is not an option. 
  3. Follow all of his social media pages
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    Be sure to like and comment on everything at once. Even things from 5 years back. If he doesn’t have certain social media pages you have, tell him to create it, if he doesn’t, you create it, act like him, steal and take pictures of him, put that you’re already in a relationship even though you just met. Use his profile to then like and comment sweet things on your profile.
  4. Be negative. Keep that damsel in distress attitude going. Complain about everything all the time. He won’t get tired of it! Ever! And he’ll want to be around you more
  5. Don’t act special, avoid being unique. He needs to feel like you are every other girl that exists. I mean if he thinks you’re like every other girl he won’t go looking for other girls. Ah ha! 
  6. So at this point you’re his girlfriend. This should have already happened if you followed steps 1-5 thoroughly. If he doesn’t ask you to be his girlfriend or you guys have not established you are a couple, you’re together whether he knows it or not. That’s your man.
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