Human Foods I Feed My Dog

October 29, 2018

So my dog is an absolute picky eater, Feeding him the same thing for more than 2 meals in a row does not work. So I have to switch it up a lot I have created a few combinations of food okay or good for dogs for him to eat. I buy different canned or wet foods and rotate between two at a time adding it to his kibble but that can get too expensive depending on the month, so I have started opting for organic human foods that don’t break the bank. Here are the human foods I feed my dog:

All the food is served chilled or at room temperature unless otherwise stated. Foods are also in small amounts appropriate for my dog’s breed and size. 


  1. Apples and Peanut Butter. I often use granny smith apples with peanut butter. I either put the peanut butter at the bottom of his bowl with the apples sticking up or I dunk the apple into the peanut butter and hand ta peace to him one at a time. In the latter, we generally enjoy this together.  
  2. Yogurt Blueberry Freeze. This includes a simple yogurt and blueberry puree blend that is frozen into small pieces. I will share the recipe with you int he future. (Possibly next Thursday)
  3. Baby Carrots and Peanut Butter. I don’t eat this. LOL! I tried it though, not a fan. But he loves it. It is prepared just like the Apples and Peanut Butter. 
  4. Mangoes and Pineapples. These are served in a very small amount. I often server just a small piece of each in his bowl which he then picks up and carries to his current comfy spot of the week and enjoys


I often add Coconut Oil or Salmon Oil to his Kibble Recipes. 

  1. Eggs and Kibble. Sometimes I replace wet food, chicken patties for dogs or dog broth with a scrambled egg. I fully cook the eggs and over scramble it until it separates. I let it cool for 10 minutes then mix it with his dry food in his bowl. (No salt or seasonings) 
  2. Rice and Kibble. The same deal as eggs with kibble. I add cool or cold rice to Charlie’s Kibble. I use half the amount of kibble I usually feed him and replace the other half with rice and mix.  (No salt or seasonings) 
  3. Rice, Brocolli, and Chicken Patties. I use half of a chicken patty I would use, add a quarter of the rice and quarter of steamed broccoli. 
  4. Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, and Kibble. I use half the kibble I would use, add a quarter of the sweet potatoes (cooked and diced) and a quarter of potatoes (cooked and diced). Sometimes I puree the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes

Hope you enjoyed reading: Human Foods I Feed My Dog


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