Name Necklaces are Back

March 28, 2019

Growing up in Antigua in the 90’s name necklaces and name bracelets were the rave. Girls got Necklaces and bracelets and boys got what we termed “ID bracelets”, and switching bracelets with your crush and never taking them off was the way of life.

Great Things about Name Necklaces

  1. It’s a timeless item. This has been around for years and perfect for all ages.
  2. It makes a great gift for yourself #selflove or a perfect gift for someone else.
  3. You can purchase it in many different colors, gold, silver or rose gold.

How to Style Your Name Necklace

  • Personalize it!
    • Use your own name (first, middle or last) or nickname.
    • You can also use someone else’s name who means a lot to you, husband, sister, kid, etc.
    • Play with uppercase and lower case letters.
  • Layers!
    • At jewelry stores such as Sincerely Silver. name necklaces come in different lengths 16, 18, 20. You can purchase different lengths, colors and different names and wear them in a layered look.
    • Ad a simple pendant necklace like a moon, heart or animal necklace for a layered personalized look.

I am sure by now you are thinking of getting of name necklace. Here is a gift for you; use code SINCERELY15 for 15% off at Sincerely Silver.

This post contains sponsored content. However all opnions are my own.


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