Tips on Training Your Puppy

January 22, 2018

I thought training my corgi Charlie would be difficult but it turned out to be easier using these

Tips on Training Your Puppy I’ll Provide:

  1. Know your dog’s breed personality. If your dog is knowing if your dog’s personality type is even-tempered, alert, inquisitive, aloof etc will help with how to approach training. Charlie he’s smart, alert and affectionate.
  2. Know your dogs energy level. Your dog may be high energy, somewhat active or not very active. Charlie is high energy, and loves having a job to do, because of this he enjoys being trained and all the mental stimulation that come with it.
  3. Keep training sessions short, and break them down into smaller tasks.
  4. Know your dog’s trainability, some dogs learn faster than other dogs and respond well to training. While learning Charlie’s trainability I learned he’s easy to train and will need to be showed things about 8-10 times before he learns it.
  5. Be patient with your dog, if you’re frustrated he will sense that.
  6. Use the same wording with commands. If it’s “sit” say “sit”, don’t say “have a seat” and expect the same results.
  7. Always Reward!. Use small bite sized treats, that are fast and easy to eat during training.
  8. Be a cheerleader. Cheer and clap for your dog when he performs well. That encouragement makes training easier.
  9. Use the right tools for the job, if you are teaching fetch get a suitable ball, toy etc.
  10. Try using hand signals, there are certain hand signals I use with Charlie, if he’s unable to hear me clearly he understands if he’s looking. New York City gets very loud outside and hand signals help.
  11. Explore using other devices and methods for training if your current method isn’t working. I used a clicker with Charlie, it sped up training, and made it easier. I do not use the clicker anymore, once he learned what he was being trained it was no longer needed.

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