Purple Weapons Football Review – Week 16

December 24, 2013
Of course I went to Tilted Kilt in Jersey City to watch some of the games!

Surprisingly there were other Pats fans! Yay! But to start my Sunday; of course my news feed and posts were filled with people who just wanted the Patriots to lose. Well Ha! We won by a landslide!

Weird Fact for this week: Every team that scored only 13 points LOST!

Now lets talk about the Buffalo Bills – Miami Dolphins game; The Bills won and the Dolphins laid an egg. But what’s intriguing is the little issue on the field. Official tossed wide receiver Robert Woods from the game in the third quarter after he threw a punch at the Dolphins safety Reshad Jones at the bottom of a pile.
Dude you need to get your anger in check and work on your professionalism. 

The Indianapolis Colts vs Chiefs games… This is what baffles me with the Colts like all the time. They will beat a really good team and lose to some mediocre shitty team.

The Philadelphia Eagles won in their game against Chicago Bears, I honestly have issues with them (Eagles)… They need to bring that A game ALL the time. I feel like they don’t and it pisses me off!

Scores This Week:
+New England Patriots 41 – +Baltimore Ravens 7
+Minnesota Vikings 14 – +Cincinnati Bengals 42
+Miami Dolphins 0 – +Buffalo Bills 19
+Indianapolis Colts 23 – +Kansas City Chiefs 7
+Tennessee Titans 20 – +Jacksonville Jaguars 16
+Cleveland Browns 13 – +New York Jets 24
+New Orleans Saints 13 – +Carolina Panthers 17
+Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 – +St. Louis Rams 23
+Dallas Cowboys 24 – +Washington Redskins 23
+Denver Broncos 37 – +Houston Texans 13
+New York Giants 23– +Detroit Lions 20
+Arizona Cardinals 17 – +Seattle Seahawks 10
+Oakland Raiders 13 – +Chargers 26
+Pittsburgh Steelers 38 – +Green Bay Packers 31
+Chicago Bears 11 – +Philadelphia Eagles 54
+Atlanta Falcons 24 – +San Francisco 49ers 34

Now Some Funny Memes:


Coming Up Next Week:
Tony Romo is injured LeSean McCoy hopes he plays.
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