Round 6! Unpopular Opinions

August 24, 2018

Sorry for the delay for those of you who enjoy this segment! 

Denim on Denim is fine. 

I don’t know why people lose it when people pair denim pants and denim tops together. Actually looks fine to me

Bicycle Lanes in NY are Stupid

First they don’t use them. 90% of them don’t even pay attention to the f**king red light. I really believe am more likely to get hit by a bicycle vs. a car. Those Lanes would be put to good use if they were converted to diagonal street parking. 

Acrylic Nails are Disgusting

They look ridiculous if not done with precision. Also they just retain so much bacteria and dirt under the nail, when it grows out between the acrylic and your nail. just plain nasty. 

Having a Big Ass is Not an Asset

Yes I do have a rather large derriere, but it’s not an asset. I don’t go around letting the world know I have a big ass, you should value me more. 


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