Product Review

Let me review your product. Reviews will always have honest feedback. I only do reviews on products relevant to topics of my blog. A product is required in order for a review to be produced. No product will be returned to the sender. Reviews are 300-500+ words with photos and links. After the product is received it takes 5 - 20 days for a review to be posted depending on the product. You will review the post before it is published. Reviews cost $25 - $40

Social Media Posts

Want your product featured across my social media? Your product can be featured on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for $15! Featured Products need to be relevant to my blog. Option1: Provide a product and I will take pictures, create the text and use the hashtags you provide. (Only posted after your approval) Option 2: Provide pictures, text, and hashtags.

October 24, 2017