Some PCOS Mental Support

February 27, 2019

So after having my period consistently for the whole of last year in December and January it disappeared…

Bummer… Of course I blamed myself for this especially because I wasn’t pregnant and I felt like I did or did do something causing my period to halt.

Was it the employment stress, traveling, or the lack of working out? What did I do? Of course, I go to the doctor, to find out it’s just how birth control is… I needed to confirm to myself I didn’t do anything wrong… That’s the thing with PCOS. You constantly feel like you can cure it and you should be doing the most extreme things. Here are a few things I learned to tell myself or do this month to stay sane with PCOS.

For my Cysters here’s Some PCOS Mental Support

  1. I didn’t do anything to cause it. The cause is unknown and you’re not the one to blame… Losing Weight won’t cure my PCOS. It will help a lot but won’t cure it. And don’t kill yourself for not losing any or gaining some either.
  2. Going on some restrictive diet will not cure my PCOS. So don’t beat yourself up for not going Keto or Gluten Free. I do encourage you to eat healthily but going crazy with the dieting fads is not the way to go. Enjoy life… Learn Balance…
  3. I will Avoid PCOS groups that don’t align with me. I’ve joined quite a few groups, Keto, focused on getting pregnant, etc. I ended up leaving because they don’t align with my current life and happiness. I would see posts and felt like I wasn’t doing enough.
  4. I Will Keep My Stress level down at all costs. How? Have an attitude of this is not good for my health. I had not been paid at my job for a month… Yes, stressful… But now I don’t work there anymore. I started missing periods when I stressing about if I’d be paid on time.
  5. I Must Stay Positive and Relaxed. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, conceive or regulate your period keep a positive outlook.

That’s the end of my little talk. I drove myself crazy a lot with my PCOS the past few months. Trying to control my moods, my period and just everything.I am currently on new birth control. I am currently working on getting myself back into the habit of working out again.


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