The New Dating Trend Stashing and Why You Won’t Meet Friends and Family

August 23, 2017

So there’s a new dating term “stashing”. 

What’s Stashing? When the person you’re dating won’t let you meet their family or friends. Also there is no social media evidence of your relationship. Pretty much there’s no evidence nor knowledge of your relationship and you’re a secret.

Though the term “stashing” is new, I don’t think the practice is not new at all. I’ve seen this throughout my life; my brother or uncles dating girls and letting no one know. And I’d know because I wanted to play games on their cellphones and computers and I’m just plain nosey. 

I’ve been a stasher before. There were also attempts of making me a stashee.

This is not quite a term but I definitely believe there could be partial stashing. With “partial stashing” you are introduced to people but not the people who matter. You meet friends who are probably just acquaintances or an extended family member that the rest of the family doesn’t talk to and means nothing to the stasher. You are kept secret from the most important people in the stashers life so you don’t know you’re actually being stashed. 

Moving along, I feel like there are very few valid reasons for stashing but these are only acceptable in the early stages of a relationship in my opinion.

  1. It’s too soon to be public. You’ve been dating for 3+ months and that person still needs time before going public. Don’t rush to have your relationship in the public eye enjoy that relationship bubble. 
  2. Haven’t met parents? Maybe his parents live in a different country. My parents and most of my family live in Antigua and other countries most of my exes have never met them. So in the earlier stages of a relations

Other reasons you’re probably being stashed.

  1. Most obvious reason is cheating. You’re probably the other woman.  and you’re kept secret for that reason. 
  2. He’s ashamed to be with you. So he doesn’t want anyone to know. You deserve to be with someone who is proud of you.

But overall stashing is a horrible practice that ruins romances. If you’re being stashed find out the reason why, be sure to weed through the bullshit reasons, don’t let them turn it on you and make you feel worthless. 

Have you ever been stashed or stashed someone? Why did you do it or how did you feel if you were the stashee?


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