How to Survive Hookup Culture When You Want a Relationship

December 15, 2017

I have seen many complaints about how dating is today, how everyone is just “talking”, and hookup culture.

I don’t feel as if there is anything is wrong with it, sometimes just “talking” and being friends with benefits fits into your lifestyle, your wants and emotions at the time. Relationships take work and not everyone is at the time nor energy in their life to do that sometimes and it’s what works for them.

However there are some people who want romantic relationships, and often find themselves with someone who doesn’t. They get annoyed with dating, and think everyone wants to just hook up and not be serious. In my opinion I just feel like they are doing it wrong.

If you really want a committed, romantic relationship, you need to put your foot down, do a few things and stop doing a few things.

How to Survive Hookup Culture When You Want a Relationship

  1. Stop trying to change people (and what they want)
    1. If they only want sex, they only want sex. Stop trying to f**k them into a serious relationship, then getting upset when it doesn’t work.
    2. When people clearly say they aren’t ready for a relationship, don’t try to stick around “talking” hoping they will soon. Keep it moving. They might be fresh out of a relationship or just don’t want you.
  2. Don’t compromise what you really want. If something is important to you like being exclusive and a label as boyfriend and girlfriend don’t settle for something else. If that other person says I don’t want to label it and you want to do it. Keep it moving you don’t have to explain yourself for anyone.
  3. Stop picking up people at the same places. So the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results right? So if you keep meeting people at the nightclub who only want to “talk” try someplace else. Get out your f**king comfort zone, and try a new place and scene.
  4. Stop Using Websites and Apps Known for Hookups. If this app or website has a reputation for people just hooking up, don’t go there. Try something else.
  5. Try a Legit Match Making Service or Dating Coach. If you have the money and can afford it, try it out.
  6. Stop Dating People In Relationships. You might wonder why TF I am saying this. Well people date people in relationships expecting it to be more than just “talking” and this person leave who they are with and commit to them.

Yes, I do know people lie and pretend to want relationships, and even go all out to make you believe they want a life with you when they really don’t, there’s nothing to be done about that and it sucks. But don’t give up on finding the right person for you. 


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  • Katey This is all so true. I would love to be in a relationship, but all the guys I meet are just looking for a hookup, or are looking for a relo, but aren’t right for me. I decided to go on one tinder date (first and only), and never again. I thought it’d be ok because my brother met his partner (of 2 years) on tinder.
    December 20, 2017 at 3:03 PM Reply
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