The 27th Birthday Recap

January 22, 2019

I have never really shared with you guys what I have done on my birthdays but hey. Time to start! The Birthday Recap

I took Charlie out for an hour since I kknew I wouldn’t be home all day (He spent the night at my friends home)

I went to work for a half day… Yup, I did.. I went to my mismanaged place of employment… I’ll end this rant before it begins. (Here are some photos from work and before)

My friend Jesse Stopped by to Visit

Then my boyfriend came to pick me up so we can head to Atlantic City! But of course quick stop at Walmart!

We went to the Borgata Hotel btw. =) We’re on the way up to our room!

Then this next mini gallery is my trying out my Sugar Apple Bathbomb that looked like murder scende, my boyfriend then had wine and chocolate covered strawberries brought up to the room (I had no idea) then he gave me my amazing gift while I was doing my make up!

Then there was dinner, fun and some casino fun!

I almost forgot I had cake and dinner at my boyrfriend’s parents house later that day (Jan 16th)

My birthday in a nutshell!


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