The Perfect Personal Trainer

January 17, 2018

Do you remember me ranting about not getting another personal trainer? Here’s that post! Click Here

So I found the perfect personal trainer

He put all the four trainers I have had before within the last 2-3 years to complete shame!

So previous trainers some didn’t give workout plans at all, some you had to nag them to create one for you. These are personal trainers within the gym; I have come not to expect much unless I got someone who did personal training for themselves until I met my current trainer.

I have been a member of Planet Fitness, Blink and New York Sp0orts Club in the past. I actually left New York Sports Club and went back to Blink because I paid for a trainer there and he was the worst. It was like $70 per session and I couldn’t get a fitness plan. The expectation is for you to come, work out with them and that was it. I have come to expect that from in gym trainers to be honest. I signed up to Blink because it’s less money and I said if I have to work out on my own anyway I don’t need NYSC.

I used my free personal training session at Blink and I said cool. I can train with this guy. He didn’t half ass it, workout plans were given and goals were discussed. However I switched jobs like an hour away at least from this gym so I had to part with my personal trainer.

I then met with the most unmotivated trainer ever. I was over trainers at this point. But I had a few sessions left. I was just not going to use them there were six sessions at about $32 dollars each… I honestly preferred to waste my money then to spend 30 minutes with another whack a$$ trainer.

In the beginning of October, the gym (Blink) called to ask me what’s up, because well who has six personal training sessions and didn’t use them? So this time was entirely different – They asked me what I expected from my trainer, they gave me just that and more. I never expected to find such a professional personal trainer in a gym. I wasn’t handed someone who just passed a certification test.

I have posted a few of my workouts here with you guys, I honestly have more, and some guidance as to how I should eat.. I haven’t followed it much last year but so far this year, I have managed to keep myself in a caloric deficit.

So finally I have found the perfect personal trainer for me. I actually went and purchased a Training Membership too.


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