The Valentine’s Day Self Massacre

February 9, 2014
Valentine’s Day is said to be the second busiest holiday of the year for greeting card companies and the saddest holiday of the year for the single people who aren’t receiving them.
With the approach of Valentine’s Day the question that people have been asking is, “What’s so special about Valentine’s day?” After all if you’re in a relationship everyday should be filled with love and romance, so why the big fuss about this one day?  The approach of Valentine’s day marks the beginning of what I like to call the singles massacre.
The image placed on Valentines Day has always been that of a happy couple and as we grow old this has been cemented in our minds forcing us to feel as if we aren’t  living up to what’s expected of us on valentines day if we aren’t in a relationship.
Gone are the days when the main focus of Valentines Day was love. (Was there even such a day) Being in love has now taken over the definition of love itself. If Valentine’s day is supposed to be about love and the  greatest love of all is said to be self love.
Why aren’t there greeting cards for single people?
Why aren’t there pictures of single people representing Valentine’s day?
It’s time for us to change the image of Valentine’s day!



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