Tips for Hiring Entertainers for an Event

November 1, 2018

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Tips for Hiring Entertainers for an Event


Hiring the right entertainment for an event can make the difference between it being something people remember fondly, or them finding excuses not to attend the next one. It could be parties, weddings, corporate functions, or anything where a little extra panache needs to be tossed in.

No matter how you go about finding an entertainer, there are some important things to consider before making your choice.


Set a Budget

Hiring good entertainers isn’t cheap. Just because someone isn’t world famous doesn’t mean they aren’t talented or can command a reasonable rate. Setting a budget before you start looking for an entertainer will help you set realistic expectations for what you will find in your price range.


Does the Entertainment Match the Venue?

Finding an awesome rock band with a sound you love within your budget might sound good, but not if your venue is a small office that would be blasted into oblivion from the guitar’s amps. Make sure the venue and entertainers are suitable for one another. This is something that should be discussed with the entertainers before any contracts are signed, or money changes hands.


Understand Audience Preferences and Expectations

Booking an entertainer that an audience won’t like is worse than not hiring one at all. Understand what the audience expects and wants and deliver it as best you can. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to please everyone, but hiring a country and western band for a Motown themed party because they were cheap isn’t a good idea.



Ask any potential entertainers for references and follow up on them. The more recent, the better. True professionals won’t have a problem giving you the contact info of past clients. If they aren’t willing to do that, it’s a red flag. In some instances, such as events with a large number of children or at a company that often requires security clearances, actual background checks could be called for.


Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes bad things happen to good entertainers, or they aren’t as professional as they made themselves out to be. The reason doesn’t matter. You have an empty set to fill. Finding someone on short notice can be difficult and expensive. Make plans with another entertainer who can or is willing to be on call. Some newcomers will jump at this chance as their big break.


What’s Your Liability?

Depending on the venue and type of event, your insurance may not cover accidents. Needless to say, one mishap here could ruin you. Find out if the entertainer is bonded or otherwise covered on their end, and check with your insurance provider, the company’s if it’s a business event, or the venue’s to make sure you can’t be held liable for accidents. If there is a lack of coverage, check into getting special event insurance.



The trick is booking the right act or type of entertainer for the event. Finding the right act on your own can be difficult. Thankfully there are services like Special Guest App that are like virtual booking agents, so you know what you’re getting.



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