Tips to Plan Your Road Trip

January 24, 2019

My boyfriend and I took our first road trip together and my first road trip ever last December. It was pretty awesome our destination was Greenbay, Wisconsin to visit his sons. I am going to share with you how we planned it and what factors shaped our planning.

  1. Final Destination: The most obvious is figuring out your final destination.
  2. Account for Time: Do you need to get your destination by a certain time? Apart from how long the drive is, the certain stops you make how long will you be there?
  3. Plan Your Stops: With the previous point, the places and sites you’ll be seeing how long do things like tours or getting food take? Do you need reservations? We used this Roadside America to find cool sights.
  4. Allow for Spontaneity: Leave time for new discoveries and exploring new and unexpected places.
  5. Stop Frequently: Whether you need to use the facilities or not, stop and stretch your legs.
  6. Leave Space in the Car: Leave space for naps and the possibility of purchasing new things.
  7. Pack Healthy Snacks: On the way, you’ll see tons of unhealthy food options but pack some fruit or veggies to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need.
  8. Talk to Local People: Yes Google and Yelp may have tons of reviews on places, but talking to the locals may provide far better insights.

Hope you enjoyed these tips to plan your road trip!


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