Unpopular Opinions E.1

June 22, 2018

Inspired by Don’t Give a Jam I decided to starts my own unpopular opinions series, so let’s get started.

Selfie Day is Stupid – Seriously do we need this? And don’t come to me with a self love speech. I have nothing against selfies I take a million a year. We don’t need a Selfie Day.

Ketchup is Disgusting – okay, I am sure I’ve publicly expressed I hate ketchup. It’s the worst thing you can do with tomatoes if it even has any in it. And on top of that there’s not or going to be Ketchup slices. *throws up* 

Organic Doesn’t Mean Its Good – Growing up in the Caribbean I went into my backyard, and grabbed lemon, mint leaves, cucumbers and perhaps like 60% of the fruits and veggies I consumed. Stop thinking because something has the word “Organic” means its better or even good.

New York Summers are Horrible – I live in Manhattan, I can barely breathe in the heat. I only try to go out early and late. From June to mid August I’m just like straight annoyed. I don’t get how people stay outside in this heat and humidity with no breeze. I don’t hate summers, I just hate how it is in Manhattan.


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  • adjustyocrown I, too, am one who posts a million selfies. I didn't post one yesterday, though. I didn't see anything wrong with it. I saw it as something positive to do in the midst of all the BS happening in our country. I was happy to see people smiling or feeling good about themselves. I think the same could be said for National Wine Day. It's unnecessary but makes people feel good. And Ketchup is BOMB girl!! LOL
    June 22, 2018 at 5:38 PM Reply
  • emilyryann Yes, selfie day is stupid! Lol — https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/
    June 22, 2018 at 12:41 PM Reply
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