Unpopular Opinions E.7

August 31, 2018

You aren’t obligated to tell a not close friend they are being cheated on.

Sounds heartless, you can but you aren’t obligated too none of your business and they might just end up hating you too.

Reaction Videos are Trash

Seriously, you’re reacting to someone else content and that’s it? Create your own. 

Happy Time Murders was just Okay.

I feel like they could have just went so much further with the raunchy and explicit behavior  on this film. I mean it’s R-Rated. Go all the F**king way.

People Who Go Out of Their Way to Have Mixed Kids are Disgusting

Yeah my boyfriend just happens to be white. But I didn’t go out my way to date a non black guy because I want to have mixed babies. But people really do and it is sad. Dating someone because of how your possible kids may look is just by far the most ridiculous thing ever.
FYI: Fully Black Babies are Beautiful too! 


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