Valentine’s Day Etiquette

February 6, 2020

We have all been on either side of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been in love, we’ve been heartbroken or just had other things going on in our lives. 

No one should be left out on Valentine’s Day but also no one should feel bad for being in love and being happy about it. 

Here’s some Valentine’s Day Etiquette

  1. Celebrate the Joy of the Day. Do you know someone in a relationship funk? Get them a simple gift, spend quality time with them, take them out for lunch or a drink. In a relationship? Pay attention to your partner, he/she might not feel the same way about Valentine’s Day like you do. Be sure to do something special for your partner instead of just dismissing the day. 
  2. Out for dinner? Be sure to be nice to your waiter or waitress it’s been a busy day for them. They want your night and the night of other customers to be special too. Be sure to leave a generous tip.
  3. Buying Gifts? If you’re ordering online order in a timely manner and do not yell at service reps on Valentine’s Day because of your poor planning. Please visit stores early and do not give the employees grief for something being sold out.
  4. Hold the Criticism. Hold your comments on how much money things cost and how overrated Valentine’s Day is in the presence of someone celebrating it. And don’t try to demonize it either. 
  5. Hold Off on the Setups. Do your friends a favor and do not try to set them up or force them to go on a date on Valentine’s Day. 


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