Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

February 3, 2020

From Valentine’s Day for Singles: How to Enjoy Yourself on a Budget and How to Rock Valentine’s Day Single. I have a few more ideas for my single people! This year I bring to you Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Valentine’s Day isn’t reserved for people who are dating or married. It goes beyond roses, chocolate and steak dinners. Valentine’s Day is to celebrate ALL the loving relationships in your life, and there’s nothing wrong with using that specific day to celebrate and love yourself a little bit extra!

Here are three things to do this Year:

  1. Treat Yourself! – Do something you love, or always wanted to do.
    1. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted. 
    2. Use today as your cheat day! 
    3. Call out of work and have that mental health day you deserve.
    4. Watch a movie and enjoy quiet time at home with lit candles and a delicious snack.
  2. Focus on Yourself – This is different than simply treating yourself. 
    1. Maybe get started on a resolution you made for yourself like hitting the gym.
    2. Start looking into that hobby or class you’ve been interested in.
    3. Start working on your self-esteem and self-growth.
  3. Hang Out with Your Loved Ones
    1. Have a Game Night or Paint Party.
    2. Host a Themed Party with your other single friends where romance isn’t the focus, only laughs, and fun.
    3. Take your children, nieces, nephews or younger cousins out for dinner.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic relationships. Celebrating the other loving relationships in your life, especially the one with yourself, is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being single or spending Valentine’s Day alone. You’re great with or without a mate and with this post, I hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to make it extra special for yourself. 

Valentine’s Day When You’re Single


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