A Trip to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

January 3, 2019

So let’s kick the new year off with this post. We went on a road trip as mentioned and one of the places we rolled on to was Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Wondering Where the hell is Rabbit Hash? Yeah, that’s a slogan there. lol

It’s in Boone County, north of Kentucky, right across from Rising Sun, Indiana. A population of 315 people which is pretty cool. I have a love of small towns (crazy since I live in NYC) 

We initially went there to visit Rabbit Hash General Store, I have a thing for general stores. The general store is a store but also a hang out for the local people too, and we arrived at the perfect time, they were having a potluck and parade. And there was also an outhouse

So the area we were in is a historic area. There are two bed and Breakfasts, a wine and liquor store, a restaurant, and the local art gallery. We even met the major, a loveable pitbull! 

We enjoyed it so much we decided to stay at the Doctor’s Office – the name of one of the bed and breakfast’s. It was a cozy space, you get the entire house to yourself.


There is a ferry to Rising Sun, Indiana which we took and went over the Rising Star Casino

That’s it! That was my trip to Rabbit Hash Kentucky! 


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