A Trip to the Manitowoc County Historical Society

August 30, 2019

Hey all! So for the next few weeks on “A Trip to” will feature my travels and explorations from June to August! ? Some of these travels and adventures were just Michael and myself and some included the boys (Michael’s twin boys) 

I do apologize for the long delay with these promised posts on Instagram, I will be scheduling “A Trip to” posts on Fridays now! 

A Trip to the Manitowoc County Historical Society

We had a museum day and went to two museums in Manitowoc, WI. If hadn’t mentioned this before, or this is your first post the boys live in Wisconsin.

The Manitowoc County Historical was great. I learned a lot about American History and so did the boys. It was a self guided tour with a cell phone like listening device.

A map was provided and the tour is going to replicas of buildings from years ago, like the doctors, press, butcher, etc. and learning about the old days and how the village was like there.

The tour was not completely boring but if we had an energetic person taking us from building to building it may have been better. The boys seemed to have fun though they were restless at times.

Here are some photos from this trip.

That was a trip to the Manitowoc County Historical Society.


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