Just Write 1.0

February 10, 2014
Today be inspired and write something positive that can inspire others to aspire to their greatest abilities!!

My therapist emailed this to me today. He thinks I’d be a great writer if I applied myself as much as I used too. He said tell my story to motivate someone. 

I have done a lot. Started things with no experience or training and I succeeded simply because I applied myself. 
What’s that one thing you want to do or you are doing that makes you and others happy? 
Now that you have thought about it, continue doing it or start.  Let no one tell you differently.
I go through a lot on a daily basis but I suck it up and smile. The turmoil and pain I go through is unfathomable and too unreal. I’m not the person to go out and say to others what I’ve been through. The reality is who cares?
My friends; I’m talking about the real ones they don’t want to hear my problems; I’m only allowed to say positive things.
You know that saying “Don’t say anything if you don’t have something positive to say”? That applies to your own life and feelings too.
Repeating your problems out loud will honestly do nothing but welcome shitty advice and unnecessary criticism. Only you know what makes you happy so whenever you have a problem do yourself a solid favor, shut up, meditate and find the answer on your own. Believe me you will.
You don’t have to take my advice but you might want to try it out.
To be continued…


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