Purple Weapons Football Review – Week 15

December 17, 2013
I’m sitting at the bar watching the game. (In my #12 New England Jersey) I was alone and someone was sitting beside me but when I got seated he was in the bathroom. That someone was wearing a Dolphins Jersey. I think he strategically placed his ass next to me. He could have switched seats! My team lost to the stupid Dolphins. Extremely annoyed!

The Chargers however who I picked for the Office pool won; kicked the Broncos ass. Happy about that. They are great but that doesn’t mean I’m compelled to even like them. That’s my feelings on that.

The 49ers touchdown was hilarious!  Dude ran into the wall and seemed totally out of it. I thought he was going to get up,  turn around and start dancing.  That shit did not happen. They won anyway.

So while in the bar Tilted Kilt. Awesome bar for watching football.  $2.50 Domestic Pints. Part of a Sunday Funday thing. Guy states the Giants game was trash. They were just getting in from the game at Metlife Stadium. But of course I had to respond.  “Did you expect it to be good?” This Giants suck and the Seahawks are a hell of a team. I don’t have to tell you that they had their asses handed to them. Not a single point was made.

The Eagles – Vikings Game…. That was a lot of points.  Too bad they are both full of shit teams. I don’t even know WHY the Eagles were on the cover of this months issue of Sports Illustrated really.  I dont. I don’t hate the Eagles by the way; I’m just getting sick of being disappointed by them.

This picture pretty much sums it up for the Cowboys game. 

So the Saints lost to the Rams. Wasn’t that shocking. The Saints are great at disappointing their fans.  What was a shock though, The Bengals – Steelers game.  


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