Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2019

February 11, 2019

So these gifts are based on my relationship, I am not trying to push products on you here for a commission.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. Get him something you didn’t get him for Christmas. When I was deciding what I should get my boyfriend for Christmas I had a few options. I picked a few, got him those for Christmas and I revisited the list to figure out his Valentine’s day gift.
  2. An emergency lunch kit. So this contains no perishables but instead gift cards and gift certificates. Find the places around your boyfriend’s job where he enjoys going and get him gift cards and gift certificates. I call this the emergency lunch kit because my boyfriend and I are planning on cooking more and these gift cards will come in handy when he’s unable to take lunch.
  3. The Overnight Kit. Get him things he needs when he stays over at your place. My boyfriend has clothing, soap, shampoo and other things here at my apartment for when he comes over but there are just a few things he needs that I don’t have or they run out like shaving cream, razors, socks, etc. You can package it in a basket or bag or simply put it in the bathroom, his drawer or wherever they belong and let him know it’s there. You can tell him in the card you get him.


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