A Trip to Downtown Pittsburgh

September 20, 2019

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This is a beautiful city. My appreciation for other cities that aren’t NY is intense. Michael and I visited Downtown Pittsburgh on the way back to New York from Wisconsin. Whenever we drive to Wisconsin, my boyfriend makes it a habit to have a night for us in a new city, on the return drive so we went to Downtown Pittsburgh. We first rode the Monongahela Incline and enjoyed the amazing views at the overlook.

Then, we had a few drinks ate some food and walked around.

So you want to know what we did after that? We had more food at Primanti Bros. I definitely think this was 50% the reason we went there. Lol.

We definitely plan to go back to Pittsburgh. We only spent a night there, it does have the same great feeling as Cincinnati, which I loved. Pittsburgh deserves at least three nights from us. And of course, we have to go to Cincinnati and Rabbit Hash too. If you read this blog and you’re from Pittsburgh or have been there, definitely share some fun activities to do. I’d love to have more things to try when we go back.


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