A Trip to World of Coca-Cola

February 2, 2020

This is Day 2 – 14 Days of Love.

I went to Atlanta for the week of my birthday (January 12-16). My boyfriend said he wanted to visit the World of Coca-cola as soon as we hit “book” on our tickets.

I didn’t expect coca-cola or a “world” dedicated to it to be as exciting as it was, but once they offered us a small can of coke at the door, I was sold. We were thrilled for the next tour to start as we waited in the lobby, Coke’s in hand.

The first part of the tour was dedicated to highlighting The history of Coca-cola and all the need-to-knows. The speaker was highly energetic, fun and enthusiastic and made the history very interesting to hear.

They allowed us to walk through and explore the different areas of the “world”. Those areas included the Vault, the Polar Bear, different coca-cola products of the world, a replica of an old bar that prided itself on serving coca-cola and Coca-cola Creations. There were so many stops to make there that we couldn’t visit them all, but rest assured there will not be a dull moment because there’s so much to see and do. I really hope you consider visiting on your next trip to Atlanta.

Please enjoy some pictures highlighting my favorite parts of our visit.


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