Birth Control Withdrawal

January 23, 2018

Okay. I don’t know if Birth Control Withdrawal is thing but I was going through it.

As I mentioned in a previous post. I had my IUD removed the exact date was January 11th. And about two – three days later I was not myself.

I wasn’t unhappy really about anything, but I was just sad, not energetic and I had to pick myself up everyday to do basic things, like get out of bed and walk the dog. I found myself crying for no reason. 

I really wasn’t prepared for any of this. I didn’t realize removing my IUD and removing the hormones within it would make me feel like absolute shit. 

My birthday dinner was the hardest, It was great, I was around people I loved but for some reason I couldn’t just be in the moment and be happy. 

I continued to force myself to go back to my usual routines and activities. I actually refrained from starting my pack of birth control until I felt better, because I felt that I’m probably addicted to it some way. I have been off birth control before and I never had mood swings like that. 

Don’t be alarmed. I do see my doctor in a few weeks to follow up. Some extra info: I have high testosterone levels, and low estrogen due to PCOS.

Have you ever stopped taking birth control and experienced severe mood swings?  Or any other changes you didn’t expect? Also have you started birth control and felt different?


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