Dog Walking Services and Your Dog

June 12, 2018

So this is a Charlie update, so corgi cuteness is coming right up! If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll notice that I posted about how much he likes his dog walker.

When I chose a dog walker, there were pretty much my requirements:

  1. A company vs a one man opperation. I understand people get sick and need time off.
  2. I needed them to take a spare key and not need me to be home.
  3. Affordable prices.

So there are quite a few in my area and on a Monday I worked from and started calling. A few of them didn’t pick up after I called a few times. Definitely not for me. I ended getting in contact with a company called Bow Wow Boys (This is NOT a paid review).

The booked an in home visit with me, the same day because I needed them to start on the Tuesday they worked with me. They came and saw Charlie and spoke to me about how things work.

What I learned/noticed with this visit and since I’ve started using them

  1. You need to have the same walker. Different walkers daily wouldn’t be able to tell if something is wrong with your dog.
  2. Charlie loves meeting new people, but when it comes to walking him he’ll only be obedient with people he’s seen more than two times.
  3. My dog likes being walked by someone else other than me all the time.
  4. Charlie drinks more water because he knows someone is coming around the same time each day to walk him. (He tends not to drink water until I come home, guessing it’s because he doesn’t want to potty in the apartment)

It’s been over a week, The service and price is great so I see this relationship going on for much longer.

The great part is they send pictures form each walk so; so here are a few: 


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