Favorite Football Team Inspired Nails

September 24, 2013
So hey guys this is my New England Patriots inspired nails!
It’s pretty simple and you can do this for whatever team.

Stuff You Need:
You simply need to find a decal, whether a nail decal or tattoo decal that could fit on your nails! I got mine on amazon.com.
You’ll need clear nail polish, 3 nail colors or maybe more(matte colors work best) that match your team’s logo and colors, you may want to use a nude color as the base if you don’t like the color of you nails or if you just too. 
You’ll need nail files, nail buffer, nail clip, nail polish remover or acetone, foil paper or a something with a non absorbing surface like plastic, toothpicks and cotton swabs.

And here are the instructions:
  1. Clean and file nails to desired length.
  2. Apply nude color for your base (If desired and let dry)
  3. Now you are going to follow the instructions of the nail decals and apply it to your nails, you can do this on one finger or all of them. Which ever you choose.
  4. Take a toothpick and clip it down to the thicker part so you can make bigger dots. (Do in accordance with how many colors you are using, I used three so I clipped three)
  5. Take one of the colors you are using and apply a few drops to foil or plastic.
  6. Take the toothpick. dip it in the nail polish and make dots towards the edge of you finger nails. (Repeats steps 5 and 6 as needed and use picture for guidelines)
  7. Let your nails dry a a little then apply your top coat. You can add glitter, etc.

If your team has two colors, you can always add white, black, or even silver.

Did I miss anything or is something unclear? Comment below! 


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