DIY Headboard

September 11, 2013

 My DIY Headboard

I wanted a headboard, I could have went out and bought one but I often just like to be creative and give myself projects to do. 

Things You’ll Probably Need:
thick heavy duty cardboard (You can get the extra large boxes from your nearby shipping company)
pillow stuffing or a sheet of sponge about 1 1/2 inches thick
glue gun
regular school glue
staple gun
box cutter
decorative duct tape
wall hooks(4-5) or heavy duty adhesive velcro strips (4)
paper clips. clamps or clothes pegs
mearusing tools (ruler, tape measure, etc)
ribbons, glitter, teddy bears, photos, paint whatever you want on your bed head. 
optional: music

  1. Measure you bed from end to end to get the width. You can add a few inches to make the headboard bigger than the bed
  2. Lay your cardboard out on a nice clean area. We are making the headboard base here. You are going going to cut the cardboard with your box cutter in the style you want.  You may use scissors but a box cutter is easier and the shape you want comes out better. Here are some ideas: 
    Fig 1
  3. After you’ve cut your headboard base out; you are going to cut smaller pieces as shown in the Instagram photo. You may cut circles and go for a polka dot circle look. You may also cut diamonds, irregular pieces, stars, get creative just be sure to cover the cardboard. (Paint or glue fabric to cover the cardboard that would show in the background)
  4. Now that you’ve cut your shapes you are going to cut your fabric pieces to match make them 3-4 inches wider so it can fit around the cardboard and stuffing/cardboard.
  5. Now cut the sponge in the same shapes but the one inch smaller in size around. (Using pillow stuffing? The same method applies just no cutting necessary. You may want to stick the stuffing as you go along) 
    Fig 2
  6. You may use regular glue or  your glue gun  to stick the sponge/stuffing to the cardboard pieces as shown in Fig 2. If you have a heavy duty sewing machine you can also stitch these. 
  7. Once you are done doing that here comes the fabric wrap the fabric around the the cardboard and sponge (See instagram photo) you may use glue or staple the fabric to the back of the cardboard. (Let glue dry use paper clamps or clothes pegs/pins to hold it in place)
  8. Once you have done that you may decorate it with whatever else you want on your headboard.
  9. At the back of your head board attach Velcro strips and position them with the wall. If using wall hooks; place the wall hooks in the wall. Two at the bottom, two at the side to the top. 
  10. Now you are going to position the pieces you’ve just covered in fabric and other decor where you want them on the headboard base. 
  11.  Glue them on, let it dry and then attach to the wall at the head of you bed!
Any questions, you think I missed something? Comment below.


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