New Puppy Shopping List and Guide

September 4, 2017

Getting a new puppy is exciting. This guide has been created based on a New York Apartment Living and my experience getting a new puppy. 

Before Your Puppy Comes Home

  • Clean and sanitize with a pet friendly enzyme cleaner – I suggest one with a scent (Avoid ammonia based products for these two reasons it’s harmful to does and the smell makes dogs think it’s okay to pee there. 
  • Set up pet area. Puppy Area Set Up for Apartment Living

This Can Be Done During Pick up if you are picking him up from a Pet Store that sells supplies.

  • Dry Food specifically for puupies. This ensures they get all required nutrients. I suggest you find out what he ate at the store, or shelter and I suggest getting that at least for the first week to avoid any stomach/diarrhea issues. 
  • Wet Food. The first few days your puppy may not be used to it’s surroundings so he may not eat. Wet food helps. 
  • Treats for Training
  • Activity Treats. Ex. Bones, Bully Stick, Treatball, etc.
  • Toys – be sure to get some teething toys. 
  • Collar or Harness
  • Leash
  • ID Tag
  • Puppy Training Pads

At the Pet Store or Shelter be sure to get (varies by situation):

  • Puppy Medical Records, Vaccination History
  • Receipt/Contracts
  • Any Certifications and Ownership Transfer Documents

Enjoy Your New Puppy 

I hope this list helps. I am not a dog trainer/breeder, etc. 


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