The Birthday Post – 26 Things

January 15, 2018

So I’m 26 today!! So in true Kari Fashion I am going to list 26 things I have learned, and some goals I have for myself. Enjoy this cake filled, flower filled, sweet post!

  1. People are always going to talk! So do you always.
  2. Believe in yourself always, do not depend on encouragement from others.
  3. Continue to smile as much as you want, but also you owe no one your smile.
  4. Say no to restrictive diets, eat the cake, go out to lunch with friends. Two words: Caloric Deficit.
  5. People’s opinions do not matter, no one’s opinion has paid a single bill.
  6. Stop worrying about things that have happened, or things you think will happen.
  7. Stop trying to change people, remove them from your life if it;s not working.
  8. Meditation is important and should be done daily, whether it;s praying or sitting still it should be done.
  9. Stick to your gym plan. Do not skip out on your workout plans
  10. Understand that people may not want to hang out with you because you’re happy. Miserable people hate being around happy people.
  11. Plan nothing that can be done today, for tomorrow.
  12. Remember to keep a current journal.
  13. Do what makes you happy.
  14. Be more social, stop thinking to yourself her dress is cute and tell her.
  15. When people direct message your blog’s account on Instagram, be weary, they do not want to be your friend, they are always trying to sell you something.
  16. Always remember to say thank you.
  17. Go out more. You won’t meet friends in your area inside your apartment.
  18. Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real
  19. Say what you mean on your blog, if they unfollow you, you aren’t for them. If they hate your opinion too bad.
  20. Call your parents as much as you want too, they appreciate it.
  21. Slow down and enjoy the moments.
  22. Stop over thinking
  23. Travel to different states in the US, and countries. There are places besides the U.K, the Caribbean and where your extended family lives.
  24. Call your friends, let them tell you you’re annoying and don’t assume that you are.
  25. Wear whatever the f**k you want to wear. If you’re “over dressed” that isn’t a thing. Be fabulous.
  26. Spoil your dog as much as you want too… and if you think he’s equivalent to a kid, he f**king is.


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