Women Are Turned Off By… Part 1

October 29, 2013
As a woman I know what makes me do a complete 180 from a guy. Bad teeth, no ambition, immaturity and the list goes on. I was always wondered what makes other women get turned off from a guy. And Guys if you want to know why we go the opposite direction or put you in the famous “Friend Zone”.. Here it is!

1. Men that sag their pants. I don’t need to see your ass. Any man I’m dating should be a role model for children in today’s world. You can not do that with your ass exposed!

2. Not dressing appropriately when required. It is important for a guy I am dating to be able to dress appropriately. I go to church and I would like to be able for him to come with me and look the part. It is recommended that he knows how to like a gentleman.

3. Poorly Groomed Hair. I despise dirty, unkempt hair and facial hair. If a guys hair is not groomed I find it disgusting.

4. Abusive, Controlling Men – If a guy was abusive or controlling towards me… A sorry is not recommended, because it won’t be accepted. I’m out.

1) Ego: The number one turn off for me is an egotistical man!

2) The Workaholic: It’s important to work, we all have bills to pay, but when all there is to you is work, Houston we have a problem. Your cellphone getting more conversation than me at dinner is a turn off…
3) Bad Hygiene: Personal hygiene is a huge thing for me… Not only is bad hygiene a turn off, but spraying yourself with enough cologne to suffocate me is also a turn off…Here’s a tip, it’s called bathing
4) Shitty Attitude: Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching? A negative attitude is a huge turn off, this will make me excuse myself to go to the bathroom and you’ll never see me again! Change my number and all…
5) Dreadful Personality: Personality is major component of any relationship. We all know that’s one the key things that employers look for and it’s also one of the key things that can turn me off from a person. Lacking a personality shows that we’ll never have any fun together but having too much of a personality can also be a turn off…

– S.W.

Part 2 next Tuesday


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